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Can't find your address?

Sometimes we can't pinpoint your address or your address might not be known to the NBN Co. To help us locate your address and get you connected to the nbn™, leave your contact details and we'll let you know what's available in your area.

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Unfortunately we cannot service this address as the NBN technology is Satellite.

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Unfortunately, the nbn™ robot is offline or undergoing maintenance and we can't check your address at the moment. Please try again later.

Hassle free nbn™ moving service
If you’re moving into a new place and need to connect to the nbnTM, Australia Broadband provides an easy to switch & easy to connect service with no lock in contracts and no worries.
moving your nbn service
4 easy steps
Check your new address
Enter your address and see if you can get nbnTM at your
place. If your address is nbnTM ready, we'll let you
know what nbnTM technology and speed you can get
at your place.
Sign up online
Pick the nbnTM speed plan you want, choose our
modem (or BYO) and sign up online with ease.
Get connected
We'll look after the nbnTM arrangements for you.
If an NBN Co technician is required, we’ll send
one out to get you setup
Sit back & enjoy
Setup your modem, get online and enjoy stress-
free streaming & fast internet on the nbnTM
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Fast & amazingly simple nbnTM with unlimited data, no contracts and free setup
What our customers are saying about us
Jo Rees
09 Mar 2022

I am very happy with Australia broadband as their customer service team go above and beyond to help with any problem you may have

Rachael Heaton
24 Jan 2022

Smooth to set up, smooth to use. Easy to sign up over the phone. Internet quickly connects to all wireless devices. I very much appreciate the function on the modem which can turn off the Wi-Fi when required (e.g. overnight).

Good customer service, with a courtesy call from the same representative who signed me up to ensure that all was working correctly once the modem had been delivered.

Louise Gersbach
1 review
25 Jun 2022
Never have no problems,none

Never have no problems,none. My first provider three years now..

amy Archibald
2 reviews
17 Mar 2022
Very easy to change over to

Very easy to change over to, very easy to understand technical support 👍

Camille Szuba
09 Jun 2022

Fantastic customer service from the point of registration to installation and post installation care. Can not fault anything so far and would highly recommend them as a service provider.

Start moving with our hassle free nbn moving service

Here are some frequently asked questions to assist you:

Moving from your old home

Most of the time, moving house is a real pain! To make things easier, we've put together a moving checklist to help.

Four to six weeks before your move

Check your new address to make sure you can get connected to the nbn™. If you can, sign up online with Australia Broadband. If you're an existing customer, simply use the same email address on your existing account when you place your order.

Find and book your removal company. Don't forget to check their online reviews and make sure they have all the relevant moving insurances.

Make a list of all the organisations you'll need to change your address with so you don't miss any

One to three weeks before your move

Arrange your post to be redirected with Australia Post to your new place

Contact your utility companies and let them know when you are moving. That way you will have everything connected before you move in!

Contact your insurance companies and arrange insurance for your house and contents at your new place. If you have car insurance, don't forget to tell your insurance your new address

Book cleaners for a good professional clean after you've moved out of your old place.

Check to make sure you have enough moving boxes.

The day before

Defrost and empty out your fridge

Get a portable cooler and buy some ice to keep your fridge items cool during your move

Moving day

Once your stuff is out of your old place, turn off the power and take note of your gas and electricity meter readings

Before you leave, lock all of the doors and windows

At your new home

Once you're in your new place, don't forget to check these points off your list.

If you're renting, complete the property's condition report. It's a good idea to take photos and email them to your landloard or property manager.

Make sure all your utilities are connected (including your Australia Broadband internet and the hot water and gas service is switched on).

arrow Answer

The connection time frame will depend on whether or not your
new address has been connected to the nbnTM previously.

If your new home has been previously connected to the nbnTM,
we’ll normally activate your Australia Broadband nbnTMservice
typically within 2-5 days. This may take longer if the former
tenant or owner did not disconnect their nbn™ service before
you moved in.

If it is the first time your new home is connecting to the nbnTM
network, we’ll arrange the first available appointment with
NBN Co for an NBN Co technician to connect your nbnTM
service. Typically, new nbnTM connections are completed by the NBN Co within 5-20 business days. This varies depending on your nbnTM connection type as well as the availability of the
NBN Co technicians in your area.


If I sign up now, will my nbnTM service be activated by the time I move in?

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Don't worry we're here to help!

Visit our 24/7 Help & Support Centre. You'll find useful articles,

how to guides, answers to FAQs and lots of helpful information.

Support Centre
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Important information  

Contract Free

All Australia Broadband NBN Plans are Contract Free and you are you cancel at any time. You can cancel your subscription at any time by informing us before the end of the month.

No Connection or Hidden Fees

Australia Broadband does not charge any activation or setup fees and standard NBN Co installations are completed at no cost to you. With Australia Broadband, there are no setup fees, no plan change fees, no relocation fees (if you are moving to another nbn-ready area) and no worries.

Simple Billing

Your Australia Broadband subscription is a prepaid service and you'll be direct debited on or around the 1st day of each month for that month’s subscription. Our payment options are Visa and MasterCard.

Order Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your order before activation of your service and your order is in progress with the NBN Co, you’ll be charged 1 months’ plan fee. An order is deemed to be “in progress” once you have received an order number from us and your payment has been processed.

NBN Installation

After you have submitted your order, Australia Broadband will confirm if an installation appointment is needed. If an installation appointment is needed, Australia Broadband will organise this with the NBN Co and contact you with the appointment details. You or an authorised person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the appointment.

Learn more about NBN Co Service Installations at: NBN Explained

IP Address

All NBN plans come with Dynamic IP address. Static IP addresses are available for $10 extra per month. You can request a Static IP address after your internet service is connected by contacting Customer Support

NBN Co charges may apply to some customers

Some homes may be subject to an NBN Co Non-Standard Installation or a NBN Co New Development Charge of $300.If your home is subject to any of these NBN Co charges, we’ll let you know and get your permission before you’re charged.

NBN Co charges are charged by the NBN Co Ltd and not Australia Broadband. If you give us permission to go ahead with the NBN Co Non-Standard Installation and/or NBN Co New Development Charge, Australia Broadband will pass this NBN Co charge onto to you at cost.

Fair Use Policy

All Australia Broadband services are subject to our Fair Go Policy. Prohibited Use includes using this service in a business or for any purpose or activity that is illegal, fraudulent or any other nature contrary to our Fair Go policy. Learn more about our Fair Use Policy at: What is your Fair Go Policy?

Limitations and Availability

Australia Broadband personal nbn™ plans are consumer-grade services, may not be used for commercial purposes and are only available within nbn-ready areas subject to nbn™ infrastructure availability at your premises.

This service will not function in the event of a power failure or disruption or an internet outage and is not suitable if you have a serious illness or life-threatening condition, if you require disability services or if you require an uninterrupted phone line.